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By definition, progress is about moving forward and getting ahead. But will our future be synonymous with improvement? EDF Pulse would like to take you on a journey of discovery, exploring progress in all its forms. Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

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EDF Pulse Awards

With the EDF Pulse Awards, EDF is preparing the future by supporting international innovations that exploit the incredible potential of electricity, and those which will sustainably transform our ways of living.
EDF launched the EDF Pulse Awards to promote innovation and to contribute to the developments of the future. Its goal is to showcase and provide tangible support to start-ups that are joining forces, creating and inventing tomorrow's future.

Smart homeLow carbon cityE-health

Boosted by the success of the first two editions, EDF remains as committed as ever this year with the 2016 EDF Pulse Awards. European start-ups developing a project in one of the following three categories are eligible to participate:

  • Smart home: for innovations leading the way to a home that is safer, more comfortable, self sufficient and energy efficient as well offering customized services for today's way of life…
  • E-health: for innovations improving health and the autonomy of dependent individuals with a special focus on new smart medicine technologies, smart healthcare services, healthcare robotics and quantified self.
  • Low carbon city: for innovations promoting energy efficiency across towns and cities and reduced carbon footprint as well as the growth of electric-powered urban transport, the smart city, "low carbon" city services and smart grids.

In June 2016, EDF will award a prize in each category. The EDF Pulse Awards provide the winners with tangible and operational support: a €100,000 grant as well as EDF's assistance in heightening their visibility and reputation (mass media campaign). All of this support will stimulate the development of the projects and spark the interest of investors, customers and partners.


The projects competiting in the 3 categories
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